T. Paul Bulmahn Research and Trading Lab

Front of Trading Lab

The T. Paul Bulmahn Research and Trading Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that allows students to experience a “real world” trading room.
The lab contains 30 dual-monitor workstations for students. Each workstation is loaded with a plethora of software, including Crystal Ball, a predictive modeling software package and FactSet, software from a leading provider of financial information and analytic applications for investment professionals.
The lab is also equipped with six 40-inch LCD displays. These display current financial market information, headlines, lab hours and other announcements. In addition, just outside the lab, is a 90-foot LED ticker that displays financial market activity and current headlines.
Several classes are taught in the lab, including ECO 4313: Econometrics, ECO 4305: Urban and Regional Economics, FIN 3316: Financial Information Technologies, FIN 4322: Student Managed Investment Fund, and MBA: Global Equity Manager Seminar.
The lab’s namesake, T. Paul Bulmahn, is the former chairman and president of ATP Oil & Gas Corp., made the 1,600-square-foot computer lab possible through a $1.5 million donation.

The faculty and students of the McCoy College of Business Administration are extremely grateful to T. Paul Bulmahn for his generous donation that allowed the creation of the trading lab.

Trading Lab Hours

Please check the trading lab schedule to ensure you do not disrupt a class.

The Trading Lab is currently closed, please check back for an updated schedule.