Students who have secured an internship can receive credit for an advanced economics or finance elective (ECO 4390 or FIN 4390). The Finance and Economics Department does not coordinate internships; university resources to help find an internship include Texas State Career Services and the Student Success Center.

Interested students should begin by reading the Internship Expectations and Syllabus for Finance/Economics 4390

If the internship position meets the conditions, the employer is willing to meet their obligations, and the student meets the prerequisite conditions and will be able to complete all the requirements during the semester then the student should contact the department at with the completed Internship Application form attached to the email requesting an appointment with the Assistant Department Chair, Matthew Hood.

The meeting with Dr. Matthew Hood will determine if the course conditions are met, if there is a high likelihood of success, and if there are sufficient faculty resources to execute the class. If these stipulations are all met then a faculty member will be assigned.  A meeting with the faculty sponsor will establish the protocols for submitting the Work Log (typically every two weeks) and submitting the final paper and the Intern Evaluation, at the end of the semester.


Getting Started:

  1. Read all the material here, including the attached links at the bottom.
  2. Review the syllabus. 
  3. Ask yourself, is it for finance (ADV FIN ELEC) or for economics (ADV ECO ELEC)?
  4. Does this fit into your classes needed for graduation? 
  5. Do you have advanced courses completed as required? (see syllabus)

Related Forms, Links and Requirements

For Employers:

Intern Evaluation

For Students: