Internship Syllabus



OFFICE HOURS: by appt. only

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Integration of professional and academic experience through an internship with an external employer.


LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Be able to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom to a “real world” environment.



  • Open to Finance/Economics majors only, students must have completed at least nine hours of major courses, enrollment subject to availability and approval. • Information and Forms for Academic Internships may be found on the Department of Finance and Economics website, under “Student Resources”, under “Internships”. Students should review this department website page and all associated links located therein. Additionally, students should ensure their direct employment supervisor for the internship is also familiar with this material, for clear communications of expectations.



  • An internship is a practicum course. Job attendance requirements will be dictated by the employer. There are no formal classroom attendance requirements with the internship coordinator, although the internship coordinator may require the student to meet with them as needed.


  • Complete no less than 200 contact hours of successful work with the employer.

  • Keep weekly work logs and submit them to the internship coordinator every two weeks.

  • Submit an acceptable paper of 15 to 20 double spaced pages. The paper will likely include a description of the internship (duties, skills needed, etc), a brief history of the company, and some of the things the student learned during the internship. Examples of work may also be included. This paper is due approximately two weeks prior to finals, with the exact date communicated to the student in writing within the first two weeks of the semester. 

  • Comply with any and all additional requirements as may be proposed during the course of the internship by the department or internship coordinator. • Receive an acceptable evaluation from the employer and receive an acceptable evaluation from the internship coordinator. Grade Evaluation: Credit is awarded as pass/fail. If students satisfactorily complete the course requirements listed above by the applicable deadlines, a “pass” will be awarded, otherwise an “F” will be awarded.


  • Weekly logs are submitted each two weeks after beginning the internship;


A. DROP: Dropping means that the student will remain enrolled in at least one hour in the current semester. A "W" will be automatically assigned if the drop procedure is completed on or before TBD. After this deadline the student will be unable to drop individual classes and will receive the grade earned in the course (see AAPPS 4.07 for a list of grades). It is suggested that students consult the instructor prior to dropping from the class.

WITHDRAWAL: Withdrawal means that the student is going to zero hours for the current semester. A "W" will be automatically assigned if the withdrawal procedure is completed on or before TBD. After this deadline, the student may withdraw on or before TBD . If the student is passing the class on the official date of withdrawal, a "W" grade will be assigned. If the student is failing the class on the date of withdrawal, a "U" grade will be assigned.

B. ACADEMIC HONESTY: Submission of any work for a grade for which unauthorized help has been received is termed academic dishonesty and will be grounds for a failing grade in the course. "Unauthorized" is a term used here to designate stealing, copying (with or without permission), collaboration with other individuals, or sharing programming code outside of sanctioned group activities. Students are strongly encouraged to refer to the Texas State student handbook, available at for policies related to academic dishonesty. This instructor views any such act as a clear violation of ethical standards and will take appropriate disciplinary and punitive action.


All students are required to abide by the Texas State University Honor Code found in UPPS 07.10.01 under attachment I. The pledge for students states: Students at our University recognize that to ensure honest conduct, more is needed than an expectation of academic honesty, and we, therefore, adopt the practice of affixing the following pledge of honesty to the work we submit for evaluation: I pledge to uphold the principles of honesty and responsibility at our university.


Federal regulations require students to meet certain minimum academic and attendance standards in order to remain eligible for financial aid assistance. Other program-specific requirements may also exist. Additional information is available on the financial aid website

D. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: A student with a disability may require accommodation(s) to participate in the course. They must contact the instructor within the first two weeks of the semester. They will be asked to provide documentation from the Office of Disability Services (ODS) at that time. Failure to contact the instructor in a timely manner will delay any accommodations they may be seeking. Ongoing care by a physician does not automatically qualify you as an ODS special needs student. Students are required to file paperwork for accommodations with ODS each semester. Accommodations granted one semester do not automatically carry forward to the next. See UPPS No. 07.11.01 for additional information.