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The Department of Finance and Economics of the McCoy College of Business at Texas State University is a multidisciplinary department teaching courses in finance, economics and business law. The department's two major areas include the closely related disciplines of finance and economics.

Finance addresses the behavior and determinants of securities prices, portfolio management and the management of corporate and public funds. In addition, the relationships among monetary policy, the banking system and financial markets are analyzed.
Economics studies the use of scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants. The department’s introductory courses meet the need for basic economic and legal understanding in a complex modern society, whereas the upper-division finance, economics and business law courses build upon this foundation.

Students completing one of the three curricula offered by the department earn a bachelor of business administration degree with a major in either economics or finance, or they may earn a bachelor of arts degree with a major in economics.

Finance graduates pursue careers in financial management, banking, the securities industry, financial planning and real estate.

Economics graduates follow career paths similar to finance majors. Those with the bachelor of arts degree often enter graduate or law school.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Finance and Economics is to provide students involved in its educational programs an opportunity to recognize the importance of the lifelong pursuit of truth, acceptance of individual responsibility, and contribution to the common good of society. Departmental programs seek to develop informed, critically thinking citizens capable of functioning in a highly complex, interdependent, global society. Majors are prepared for service, technical analysis, and management positions found in corporate, financial and public institutions. Majors are also prepared for financial planning services, teaching, and various graduate school programs.

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